• Your kid spends time watching YouTube and playing games? You are not along.

    "Learning is child's first job." They just need the right motivation to do a good job consistently.

  • What is Kidbee?

    A revolutionary app that uses the power of real toys to motivate your kids to reach a new level in reading, languages, and math - even if they don’t like to learn at home!

  • Keep learning at home

    Earn real toys

    Above grade level

  • For kids ages 4 - 14

    Our algorithm creates a personalized program for every child and measures the results

  • How it works?

    Every time kids use the app to watch an educational video, read books or play educational games they earn Stars. They redeem these stars for real toys that we ship directly to them.

  • Play, Learn, earn toys, stay motivated

  • Fun games to learn







  • Harvard University's research shows that students who were provided incentives mastered 125% more math and reading . They recommended it for schools.

  • Kidbee helps your child develop a habit of self-learning.

  • Rewards

    Kids choose rewards. We deliver the orders to them.

  • Subscription

    Kids get rewards the same value as you pay for the subscription




  • Parents reviews



    mother of 3 and 5-year-old girls

    Both my girls love it and have fully embraced Kidbee as our morning time activity. Thanks for helping me to feel that I am contributing to my children’s education


    father of 4-year-old boys

    The read-along books are well made. They manage to keep my 4-year-olds' interest all the way through!


    mother of 5-year-old boy

    Doing great. Today Sam has spent some time by himself while I got some housework done. Thank you.